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A Beginner’s Guide to Engine Oil: What You Need to Know

Posted: 12th June 2018
Engine oil is one of the most important factors in your engine’s performance and longevity. Here, we present a primer on engine oil fundamentals. Read more

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Why Does My Car’s Engine Burn Oil?

Posted: 23rd May 2018
The simple answer: It’s probably wearing out. Over time, the piston rings have likely become worn or stuck in grooves, preventing them from sealing tightly against the cylinder wall. Read more

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How Do I Switch from Regular Oil to Synthetic Engine Oil?

Posted: 17th April 2018
Switching to synthetic oil doesn't require anything special. But first, flush your engine if you’d like. Read more

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8 Overlooked Vehicle Maintenance Services that Can Help Extend Vehicle Life

Posted: 16th March 2018
Despite the hassle and cost of unplanned maintenance, too many of us ignore our vehicles until something fails. These eight vehicle maintenance services that are often overlooked will help avoid expensive car repairs and boost vehicle performance. Read more

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Busting the 5.000 km Oil Change Myth

Posted: 7th March 2018
Engine oil lubricates engine parts and prevents wear. It keeps the engine parts clean and reduces engine parts’ friction, therefore guarding your engine from overheating and seizing up. However, engine oil needs regular changing as the oil gets dirty as it cleans the engine. Its lubricating properties do not last forever. Read more

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5 Ways to Increase Horsepower for Under AU$600

Posted: 30th January 2018
More horsepower. It’s the rallying cry of gearheads across time and place, whether you secretly wish you were Brian O’Connor when passing cars in… Read more

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Why and how to warm up a motorcycle before riding

Posted: 16th November 2017
As soon as you crawl out of bed tomorrow morning, try this experiment: run outside and sprint down the street. Aside from… Read more

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Top 5 Dirt Bike Maintenance Tips

Posted: 20th October 2017
This blog was kindly written and provided by the AMSOIL distributor Old Hall Performance. Love it or hate it, motorbike maintenance… Read more

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How to maximise your motorcycle engine’s performance

Posted: 25th September 2017
Engine tuning and detuning affect the motorbike engine’s performance. Some modern motorbikes are equipped with an engine knock sensor that adjusts timing to compensate for low-octane petrol and eliminate engine knock – but it detunes the engine in that same process. Read more

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Is Engine Flush Good or Bad?

Posted: 29th August 2017
What is Engine Flush? How do deposits and sludge form? Is engine flush necessary? Engine Flush as part of a good maintenance regime. Read more

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Why is my engine knocking? Three possible reasons

Posted: 31st July 2017
There are a few different reasons why you might be dealing with a noisy engine – it could make a knocking, ticking… Read more

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Going green? How your engine oil impacts the environment

Posted: 13th July 2017
It is important to reflect on how fortunate we are to live on such a beautiful planet and how each one of… Read more

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How to Change the Oil in your Motorbike

Posted: 8th February 2017
Changing your own oil is easy to do, and it saves you time and money. We broke down the process into step-by-step directions for both novice and experienced riders. Read more

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How to Check Transmission Fluid

Posted: 8th February 2017
Check the fluid immediately if the transmission jerks, hesitates, shifts hard or if the fluid is leaking. Here is a step by step guide. Read more

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Can I Mix Synthetic and Conventional Oil?

Posted: 8th February 2017
Yes. There is no danger mixing synthetic and conventional oil in your engine. However, conventional oil will detract from the superior performance of synthetic oil and reduce its benefits. Read more

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