How Do I Switch from Regular Oil to Synthetic Engine Oil?Posted by Amsoil, 17th April 2018

To borrow a famous slogan, just do it.

There is still some confusion about changing to a different oil type in vehicles, particularly in older models that have accumulated many miles. A small group of ill-informed individuals in garages, workshops, and on blogs still cling to old myths that synthetic engine oil causes roller bearings to skid, or that switching to synthetic engine oil causes issues, and particularly oil leaks, in older engines.

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Facts are clearly proving that these ideas about synthetic oil causing engine problems are outdated and not true.

The use of synthetic engine oil is growing rapidly because properly formulated fully synthetic oil offers benefits well beyond what conventional and synthetic-blend products provide. Many new cars and pick-up trucks are filled with synthetic engine oil by car manufacturers – not just high-performance sports cars.


There are a couple of different ways to switch to synthetic engine oil for the first time.

• Jump right in and simply change the oil. Take your vehicle to your local garage or oil-change location and ask for synthetic engine oil. Or, dust off your drain pan and do it yourself. You don’t have to do anything special to your engine first, and the fully synthetic oil isn’t going to cause any problems in your vehicle that weren’t already dormant.

• Flush the engine first. Though not required, an engine flush more immediately removes sludge and debris accumulated over time. The main difference between flushing your engine and a normal oil change to fully synthetic oil is the rate at which the built-up debris is removed from older engines.


If you change to synthetic engine oil without flushing, for example, the detergents in the engine oil will clean accumulated deposits from the engine over subsequent oil changes. When you use AMSOIL Transmission Fluid, the clean-up is more immediate and helps ensure the engine is clean and free of any accumulated contaminants.

Wondering if an engine flush is right for your vehicle? Find out in the blog Is an Engine Flush Good or Bad? However, we recommend using AMSOIL Transmission Fluid if you want to give your engine a fresh start before switching to synthetic engine oil. 


Ready to make the switch to synthetic engine oil? Check out our Product Page for the right oil for your vehicle.

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